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Mike, I am putting a check in the mail today for the NYC observation car you recently completed. You do fantastic work and thank you for all the little extras. I appreciate them. I am impressed. Thanks again.

Frank F.

Pullman Standard PS1 of the D&H  

Larger view

The Delaware and Hudson Railroad, like many other roads, acquired a large number of the Pullman PS1 boxcars. Anyone modeling from the 1950’s on through the rest of the twentieth century will need several of these cars for the layout. Many different manufacturers have offered this style of cars over the years, and some models have been better than others. Most notably is Kadee’s version of the PS1, this is a very nicely done model with good detail and a variety of paint schemes. A few years ago Accurail released a nice version of the PS1, and at a reasonable price. These kits are the starting point for my version of the D&H PS1 cars.

All of the cars were modeled from prototype photos published in Morning Sun Book’s Color Guide to D&H freight and passenger equipment. The Morning Sun series of color guides are excellent resources for locomotive, rolling stock, structure and maintenance of way equipment for a number of railroads. I recommend these books for any one modeling a specific railroad or era.

For all of these cars I removed the cast on ladders and grab irons. A sharp Xacto chisel is all that is required to remove these. I replaced the ladders with Detail Associates ladder sets. The grab irons were replaced with new ones bent from .0125 brass wire. I also removed all the brake equipment that came with the car and replaced it all with the Detail Associates set. This way I could include the train line, piping and brake rigging. Some of these cars were modeled before the law banning roof walks, and some were modeled after.

For any cars requiring roof walks I used sets from Plano for 40-foot boxcars. These sets are offered in three different tread patterns, and come with the end platforms and brackets. The brackets for the end platforms are mode from brass sheet. The rest of the roof walk assembly is photo-etched stainless steel. The brackets are easily bent to shape and attached to the model using cyano-accelerate. The roof walk and end platforms are attached the same way. The scale thickness of these and the “see-through” look of the etched pieces really add to the look of the cars.

For the paint on these cars, and most other models, I used Floquil enamel paints. After painting the cars with their primary color the cars were set to dry for five days. They were then sprayed with Crystal Cote to seal the paint and provide a glossy finish for the decals. Decals for Delaware and Hudson equipment is produced by many decal manufacturers, most notably Microscale. After the decals were applied, using Solvaset to snuggle the decals down to the model. The models were finally sealed with a coat of flat finish to seal it all together.

The under-frames for the models were sprayed black and also sealed with flat finish. Prior to finally assembly all the components were weighed and additional weight was added to bring the cars up to NMRA standards. I used the original trucks from Accurail, but upgraded the wheel sets with Kadee’s freight car wheels. These were snapped into the trucks and a small drop of oil was applied to each axel. These were installed on the cars along with Kadee number 5 Couplers, again these were checked against the NMRA Standards.

Additional final touches on these models included air hoses, coupler bars and a light coat of “weathering” to make the cars look like their prototypes. These cars are examples of the classic PS-1 boxcar, with only a few variances in details and paint. The techniques used on these cars is not only for the PS-1 cars, but can be used on other type of equipment when a more detailed and accurate look is desired.

This group of cars is also and example of some of the steps and attention to detail TMB Custom Models takes in creating of our various locomotives, rolling stock, vehicles and structures. Please visit our Gallery page and out Models for sale page for more examples of our work. After reviewing these examples we are certain you will agree TMB Custom Models is your source for the highest quality custom built models.


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