Now that you have learned a little bit about our work, we want you to see what our customers say after they receive their completed model. We know you will be just as satisfied with your Custom Project!

Mike – just received the engine. It really looks good. A money order will be in the mail in the morning. Thanks for a terrific job.

Tom S., Parker CO

Our models have appeared in the following publications  


CSX Locomotives & various boats & barges – on Mike Nixon’s CSX – Railroad Model Craftsman – May 1996

Appalachian Coal Mine – July 1997 Railmodel Journal

Hot Springs Opera House – October 1999 Mainline Modeler

D & H switch towers – February 2004 Mainline Modeler

Conrail Hopper – March 2004 Railmodel Journal

CN cylindrical hopper – April 2004 Railmodel Journal

D&H hopper from Resin kit – May 2005 Scale Rails

Conrail GP38 – September 2005 Railmodel Journal

Bangor & Aroostook boxcar – September 2005 Railmodel Journal


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