Now that you have learned a little bit about our work, we want you to see what our customers say after they receive their completed model. We know you will be just as satisfied with your Custom Project!

Hey Mike, Sorry for the delay, internet problems. WOW! The engines look great! It was exactly what I was looking for and the details are so good. They run fantastic and go perfect with the rest of my collection. I will definitely use you for future projects. Thanks again!

Joey B., St Louis, MO

Custom Painting  

We will custom paint your brass or plastic models to your exact specifications. Our painting projects range from painting steam locomotives, to multi-color diesels, to cabooses and rolling stock. With each piece we always take the same amount of care in the project to provide a top quality finished model. We disassemble as much as necessary and thoroughly clean all the parts prior to painting. Then we carefully prepare the model and proceed with the painting. We always allow a coat of paint to cure for a minimum of five days before moving on to the next color or top coating.

We use almost exclusively enamel and lacquer based paints to ensure good adhesion to the surface. Some detail painting may be completed with acrylic paints, depending on the color and type of finish. If you are concerned about the color match we suggest providing a model that has already has the proper color, or a color chip, for us to match. We can also provide you with color samples for your approval before we apply paint to your model, upon request. Please note that color samples and approval can add significant time to the project turn around.

When the painting and decaling of the model is complete it is reassembled, and any additional items are added (cab crew, couplers, etc.). Also all locomotives are test run and lubricated if necessary, and coupler heights are checked to ensure proper operating conditions.

If necessary we will strip your pre-painted models prior to decorating them to meet your needs at your request. We take great care in removing paint from pre-decorated models so not to damage the model itself. Paint striping is billed on a time and materials basis. Please note this adds at least a week to our turn around times for completion.


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