Now that you have learned a little bit about our work, we want you to see what our customers say after they receive their completed model. We know you will be just as satisfied with your Custom Project!

The railway gun and accompanying cars are Fantastic! Great job and I'm sure they'll draw as many oooohs and aaaahs from visitors as the Schnable car and it's accompanying cars do in my display case. Many, many more projects to come!

Alan M, Holdrege, NE


To achieve realism, on your model railroad, diorama, or static model, it is important to see the model, as it would have existing in the real world. Rarely is a locomotive, caboose, tank, structure, or vehicle as pristine as the day it first rolled out of the paint shop. Even new buildings quickly receive a light layer of dirt, grime and watermarks. Depending on the age of the piece, how it was used and where it was used the weathering could be either light or very severe, it's entirely up to you!

We will weather you models to you specifications. From a light dusting on a new locomotive to a very heavy, well worn effect on an old boxcar. You will see in the photo gallery examples of models that have been weathered to various degrees. Many of these examples were weathered to match the effects from specific prototypes. For the best results we suggest you forward a photograph example of how you would like your model to be weathered.


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