Now that you have learned a little bit about our work, we want you to see what our customers say after they receive their completed model. We know you will be just as satisfied with your Custom Project!

You did a great job on the last kits. Now I can start puting in figuers and groud cover. Have a great summer and I will contact you in the fall.

George R., New Fairfield, CT


The Train is GREAT!!!!! You are very good... I hope I can use your services again in the future... VERY professional. Again, I want to thank you... hope you use a photo on your site. I'm showing it to several of my train model friends and I'll forward them your name if that's OK. If you need me to give you a recommendation, please let me know... a VERY HAPPY customer... Thanks!

Joe F. Philadelphia, PA

Just a note to let you know that the F3As and F3B arrived in fine shape earlier this week. I am very impressed with the quality of your work, both the painting and detailing. The CGW early paint scheme is, as you know, somewhat intricate, and I appreciate your special efforts. Also, such features as weathering, close coupling, diaphragms and MU hoses truly add to the overall realism. In addition, the unite run well at all speeds - and in both directions. As my hobby budget permits, I may ask you to customize additional units in the future. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I have had a number of locomotives custom painted (diesel/steam/brass/plastic), and your work certainly ranks at the top. Best regards,

William G., Great Falls Virginia

Received the Pennsy Auto Box car Sunshine kit. Very pleased with your work. Thanks again for your efforts on this craftsman kit. I will send another E & B Valley Pennsy 70 ton covered hopper kit, and an old Athearn metal boxcar kit for your to work on. Looking forward to working with you. Best Wishes

Milton O., Chesterfield, Missouri

Enclosed is my check to take care of everything. The bunch of trolleys are just nothing short of great! The locomotives are too. Thanks for taking care of these things. I'll be back!

Ben S., Spencer, Iowa

Michael- Got beautiful box in the UPS. Thank you many times over! We will be doing business in the future. Your help was appreciated.

Merle B. Cincinnati, Ohio

Mike - Received models today. They really look great! Thank you so much for the time and effort. I might at the first of the year have another set to be assembled. Thank you again

Chris Y., Greenbelt, Maryland

I had a chance to unpack the PRR Yellow Kid set this evening. It was certainly worth the wait. You did an absolutely fabulous job! I will get a check out to you tomorrow morning for the remaining balance. Do you have time for new projects? I have a Westerfield PRR eight-car MOW/camp car set that needs assembly. I also have a bunch of Branchline PRR Pullman kits that need to be built. All the best,

B. Jones, Briarcliff Manor, NY

Mike, Just to let you know, the signal towers arrived yesterday. They look great, nicely done. Thank you.

Tom T., Clifton Park, NY

The N scale Copper Range stuff arrived Saturday. Very, Very Nice! Wish now that I had picked up a third engine to be painted.

Tom R., Battle Creek, MI

Just got back saw the two Western Maryland GP9 units and I am very impressed. thank you. *Since this note Chuck has sent two more project to be painted and finished by TMB Custom Models.

Chuck R., Elk Grove, IL.

Hello Mike: The Vintage Greyhound bus model arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thanks again for diong an outstanding job on this difficult (to me at least) assembly. The detail is top notch and I would classify it as museum quality. I now have several of your products on my layout and they never fail to attract attention of fellow model railroaders. Thanks again for making your skills available.

William G.; Great Falls, Virginia

N&W RS11 locomotive is in operation. Very Nice! Thanks.

Jim F., Newport News, VA

HI Mike, The covered hoppers arrived this afternoon. Everything arrived in good shape. WOW!! You have done a nice job. I am impressed. The weathering is just what I was looking for. Ran them briefly on my switching layout. They ran, coupled, and uncoupled very well. I am very Pleased. I will start saving some funds and put together another project. Again, just a fantastic job.

R. Atwood; Greenback, TN

Thanks Mike! The Gravely building arrived today and it is truly outstanding!! I am extremely pleased with the construction and the painting/weathering. Do you have time to build a Saulena's Tavern model over the next couple of months? If so, remind me of the price and I'll get a money order started. I've already purchased the kit. Thanks again,

David S.

Mike just received the engine. It really looks good. A money order will be in the mail in the morning. Thanks for a terrific job.

Tom S., Parker CO

I am a rather discerning modeler, and this was my first opportunity to utilize the custom finishing services you have available. Quite frankly, after several bad experiences with other services, I had my concerns when selecting THB. Those concerns were quickly put to rest by your obvious professionalism and high degree of conscientiousness during the course of the project. My prized OMI, Santa Fe CF7 arrived today and your work is truly amazing! It demonstrates that you have tremendous talent. The weathering is so realistic, I swear I can smell the fumes of raw diesel fuel while closely examining the work! There's no doubt you'll get all of my special finishing work in the future. Thank you!

Scott H., Omaha, NE

Mike, This very large package arrived today. The waycar arrived in good shape. Great paint job! (O scale CB&Q combine)

Chip R.

First of all; WOW. She looks great. Paint job and body are looking great. But WOW I'm still speechless. Excellent work. If anybody needs something made, You have my recommendation. Thanks again for the Centercab. It is cool and light

Tom C.

Received the SDP45 on Saturday and it is AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! A beautiful job. I will be back for more units of this type. I will be recommending your services to my friends, just as a testament to how pleased I am with your services. Feel free to use this letter for one of your testimonials on the web site.

John T.

Hey Mike, Sorry for the delay, internet problems. WOW! The engines look great! It was exactly what I was looking for and the details are so good. They run fantastic and go perfect with the rest of my collection. I will definitely use you for future projects. Thanks again!

Joey B., St Louis, MO

Mike, I am putting a check in the mail today for the NYC observation car you recently completed. You do fantastic work and thank you for all the little extras. I appreciate them. I am impressed. Thanks again.

Frank F.

The Rail Yard cars arrived today. Very nice job! Are you ready to do a couple more? If you're ready for more, I'll check the website and probably pick out a boxcar and another covered hopper. Thanks again,

Tom L.

I got the Rio Grande combine today. It is just spectacular. I can't tell you how happy I am with it. You did a fantastic job on it. I'll be sending you more equipment to work on in the future, I'm sure

Rick A., Boulder, CO

The railway gun and accompanying cars are Fantastic! Great job and I'm sure they'll draw as many oooohs and aaaahs from visitors as the Schnable car and it's accompanying cars do in my display case. Many, many more projects to come!

Alan M, Holdrege, NE

Thank you very, very much for your beautiful work! You'll be getting more of my business. You're the greatest!

Tim F.; Arlington, VA

You did a great job on the last kits. Now I can start puting in figuers and groud cover. Have a great summer and I will contact you in the fall.

George R., New Fairfield, CT


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