Custom Painting

 We will custom paint your brass or plastic models to your exact specifications. Our painting projects range from painting steam locomotives, to multi-color diesels, to cabooses and rolling stock. With each piece we always take the same amount of care in the project to provide a top quality finished model. We disassemble as much as necessary and thoroughly clean all the parts prior to painting. Then we carefully prepare the model and proceed with the painting. We always allow a coat of paint to cure for a minimum of five days before moving on to the next color or top coating.  

Kit Assembly

 Kit assembly is an all-enveloping term relating to any item where most of the pieces for the finished model are included in one box. TMB Custom Models offers kit assembly services for any locomotive, rolling stock, structure, vehicle, ship, or aircraft kit. We will either assemble and decorate any kit to the manufacturers suggested specifications or match to your detailed instructions.  We also are the recommended builder for many of the resin kit manufacturers.

Kit-bashing & Scratchbuilding

  When you need a model changed to match your prototype or if there is nothing out on the market to fit you needs TMB Custom Models fills the void by kit-bashing and scratchbuilding any scale and subject model to fit your needs. We can use your existing models for kit bashing, or we can procure the base models and materials. In many cases we use ABS & styrene plastics, but we also use metal, wood and resins to achieve the desired result. 


 If you not only want a vehicle or structure, but, wish to have an entire scene modeled, or need a section of a module build we can assist you with that type of project also. We have completed dioramas of various scales and sizes for multitudes of different spaces and applications, from layouts to museums.

From entire city blocks, to industrial areas to small fix-it shops, dioramas are a way to combine many different types of models. The dioramas we have created have combined kits, scratch-built structures, vehicles, figures, as well as detailed scenery and interiors for the structures. We will match the base dimensions to your exact specifications in order for the diorama to fit on your layout, module or display. This can add a great deal of interest to the dead spot on your layout.


To achieve realism, on your model railroad, diorama, or static model, it is important to see the model, as it would have existing in the real world. Rarely is a locomotive, caboose, tank, structure, or vehicle as pristine as the day it first rolled out of the paint shop. Even new buildings quickly receive a light layer of dirt, grime and watermarks. Depending on the age of the piece, how it was used and where it was used the weathering could be either light or very severe, it’s entirely up to you! 

Architectural & Engineering models

For the more industrial side of the modeling world we offer our architectural & engineering modeling services. For the architect we can take your floor plans and elevation drawings and create accurate three-dimensional models. These simple models, usually all one color, are made from foam core or other rigid material. These models would also feature removable roofs and wall sections for presenting to your clients. For the more advanced projects we can add to the level of detail and include the proper landscaping.